Current research projects

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Ungulate monitoring

Ungulate monitoring in german national parks

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Wolf pack

Large predators in anthropogenic landscapes

Can large predators influence influence deer diet selection in anthropogenic landscapes?

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Quell-Beprobung an der Rindellochquelle

Quell NPB

Springs and climate change in the Bavarian Forest National Park

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Mitarbeiter an einem Luderplatz

Luder place monitoring

Effect of habitat parameters on the decomposition rate of red deer cadavers in relation to cadaver visitor biodiversity in insects, wildlife and microorganisms (bacteria and fungi)

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Fotofallenbild eines Wildschweins

Antler project

Impact of shed antlers on wildlife, soil microorganisms and cadaver bacteria and fungi in the Bavarian Forest National Park

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Seltene Baaumarten

Rare tree species

Monitoring and management of rare tree species in the bavarian forest national park

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Structural and functional diversity of mushrooms and bacteria during the decomposition of dead wood

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Luchskätzchen beim Spielen

Conservation management

Integrating genetic processes in the conservation management of lynx

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Fotofallenbild einer Wildkatze

Remote sensing of the forest

Analyzing the natural forest development in the Bavarian Forest National Park based on innovative remote sensing methods and ground data

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Finished research projects

Rotvieh auf einer Schachten-Wiese

Life+ Project

Moors, flowing waters and “Schachten” in the Bavarian Forest National Park

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Fungi of the Bohemian Forest

Recording the fungal diversity of the trinational border area and establishing a public mushroom database

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Blick vom Lusen nach Šumava – grenzübergreifendes Biodiversitätsmonitoring

Silva Gabreta Monitoring

Realisation of a cross-border biodiversity and water balance monitoring program

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Nature conservation and tourism

Optimizing nature conservation benefits and recreation value in large protected areas for supporting decision-making in protected areas

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Cross-border mapping of forest ecosystems

Road map to joint management in the national parks Šumava and Bavarian Forest

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