In accordance with the motto “Let nature be nature”, the Bavarian Forest National Park creates its own extraordinary sphere of nature. Combined with the neighboring Šumava National Park in the Czech Republic, this area is the largest connected forest reserve in Central Europe, in which nature may evolve under its own laws.

The border mountains range with its woodlands, moors, mountain streams and former upland pastures (Schachten) is one of the most important spots of biodiversity. A broad range of rare animals, plants and fungi grow under optimal living conditions. Therefore not just nearly extinct mammals and birds, such as lynx, capercaillie, otter or Ural owl live in the Bavarian Forest, but also a vast number of fungi and bugs, which can only be found here in this National Park - nationwide.

In total, about 14.000 species call Germany’s oldest National Park their home and evolve between Falkenstein, Rachel and Lusen - unimpaired. They make the number of about 19 percent of species known throughout Germany.


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