Bavarian Forest
National Park

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About us

Administration Building of the Bavarian Forest National Park (Photo: Alice Alteneder)

The national park administration has some 200 staff from many professional and occupational backgrounds. Our main office is in Grafenau. The national park administration has been a special agency of the Bavarian Ministry for Environment and Health since 14th October 2003.

The national park administration comprises the director’s office (including public relations) and six departments (nature conservation, environmental education, visitor facilities, research, national park management and central services. See the organigram for more details.

The largest number of our employees come from the forestry sector (foresters and forest workers), but administrators, educationalists, zoologists, carpenters, and electricians are also an integral part of our administration. In addition, mostly in the area of education, there are staff on fixed term contracts (forest guides, those doing national civic service, participants on the voluntary ecological year and interns). Although our educational backgrounds are different, we are united by our love of nature, our wild nature, and the idea of maintaining a part of our national natural heritage in its own dynamic for future generations.

The total area of the national park of around 24,250 hectares is further divided on a regional basis into 8 national park offices.

Dr Franz Leibl
Director of the National Park Administration

Bavarian Forest National Park Administration
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