Visitor facilities


As an introduction to the wild nature of the Bavarian Forest National Park, we recommend our informative visitor facilities. There you will find exciting stories about flora and fauna, the historical content or the park-philosophy “Let nature be nature”. The Hans-Eisenmann-Haus in the National Park Center Lusen, the Haus zur Wildnis in the National Park Center Falkenstein and the Forest History Museum St. Oswald present those topics in multimedia for the whole family.

Furthermore you can directly immerse into the arising primeval forest in the outdoor area of our facilities, such as in the forest playground Spiegelau, which is great fun for kids. A visit to our animal enclosures near Neuschönau and Ludwigsthal is a highlight in any season as well. After all, the Bavarian Forests current and former animal inhabitants can be observed there in natural and large enclosures - an experience almost like in wilderness.

In addition, the Treetop-Walk in the National Park Center Lusen and the Stone Age Cave in the National Park Center Falkenstein also promise unforgettable moments. A trip to our deer enclosure at Scheuereck, the natural Kneipp facility at Spiegelau or one of our Info Points is worthwhile too.

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