Forest History Museum St. Oswald


Illustration des Waldgeschichtlichen Museums St. Oswald im Nationalparkzentrum LusenThe locals (affectionately known as “Waidler”) have always had a special bond with their home region. The Forest History Museum focuses on the interplay between the forest and people – a relationship which has shaped art and tradition, and been occasionally punctuated by darker days. The museum therefore not only provides insights into the geological origins of the region, but also gets to the heart of how humans have influenced the Bavarian Forest – from the glass industry and forestry work through to the establishment of the protected area. There are also plenty of fascinating insights into local traditions, contemporary history, literature and music along the way. Comfortable audio stations are dotted throughout the exhibition where you can lie back and listen to people sharing first-hand experiences. The tree-bound stairway connecting the three levels of the museum is always a hit with youngsters, spicing a visit to the museum with a dash of adventure.


Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed Mondays! (Except on public holidays)
Closed 24 to 25 December


Waldgeschichtliches Museum St. Oswald
08552 974889-0
08552 974889-9

Easily accessible by Igelbus!
Stop: Gasthof Goldener Steig/St. Oswald

Address: Klosterallee 4, D-94568 St. Oswald

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