Important tips

Piktogramm: Wegegebot beachten Please note that you are prohibited from leaving the trails in particularly sensitive areas of our National Park, such as high-altitude areas and bogland zones. This measure is intended to protect endangered flora and fauna. Areas where this rule applies are indicated on walking maps and by signs in these zones.

Piktogramm: Für gute Ausrüstung sorgen If you are hiking in the National Park, always ensure that you come well equipped. Everyone should have a map, sturdy footwear, drinks, a mobile phone, first-aid kit and bad weather clothing to hand.

Piktogramm: Achtung herabfallendes Totholz The National Park aims to protect the natural process of genesis, growth and decay. As a result, dead trees are left to return to the natural cycle – an approach that makes falling trees and dead wood typical hazards here. Please be aware of these dangers and leave the forest in strong winds for your own safety. Please note that you always use the trails in the National Park at your own risk!

Piktogramm: Für Kinderwagen und Rollstuhl geeignet Some cycle paths and walking paths with gentle gradients, such as those linking the animal enclosures, are suitable for prams and wheelchairs. The respective maximum gradient is always indicated on our signs on these trails.

Piktogramm: Keinen Müll zurücklassen Please do not litter the landscape! This includes dog waste bags and tissues. Please help us to keep our wild woodland clean. Thank you!


Please also adhere to the following rules in order to protect the unique nature of the national park:

Piktogramm: RadfahrerCycling only on marked bike paths

Piktogramm: Parken auf ParkplätzenParking only on signposted parking spaces

Piktogramm: Kein offenes FeuerSmoking and open fire are prohibited

Piktogramm: Baden verbotenbathing forbidden

Piktogramm: Übernachten verbotenNo overnight stays

Piktogramm: Tiere nicht fütternDo not feed animals

Piktogramm: Keinen Lärm machen Don't make any noise

Piktogramm: Hunde anleinenLeash dogs

Piktogramm: Ncihts aus der Natur mitnehmenTake nothing with you

Piktogramm: Drohnenflugverbot Drone flight prohibited

These rules are an extract from the National Park Ordinance and are listed there in detail.


Sign system

Important information about our sign system:

Wegmearkierung: Tiersymbol auf gelbem Grund Animal symbol on a yellow background:
These signs mark a loop trail, i.e. a trail which leads back to its starting point

Wegemarkierung: Pflanzensymbol auf weisem Grund Plant symbol on a white background:
These signs mark a destination trail, i.e. a trail which does not lead back to its starting point. These trails have to be combined with other trails or the Igelbus service to return to your starting point.

Wegemarkierung: Radfahrer mit Nummer der Tour Cyclist, possibly featuring a cycle tour number:
Marked cycle trail.

Wegemarkierung: Verschiedene Symbole und Hintergründe Different symbols and backgrounds:
Long-distance walking trail, which continues beyond the borders of the National Park.


Further tips for your stay in the Bavarian Forest National Park can be found in our FAQ.

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