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About mountain spruces from the Bohemian Forest

Externer Link zum Publikationsshop des Staatsministeriums für Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz The following publication is the outcome of numerous scientific research works on nature and ecological issues in the Bohemian Forest. To make it accessible to the English-speaking readers, this German version was recently published. The book comprises 168 richly illustrated pages with numerous tables and graphs. It can be bought in the national park shops at Hans-Eisenmann-Haus and Haus zur Wildnis as well as in the Bavarian Forest National Park Administration at the price of 9,80 Euro.

"Imagining that a forest is simply a mass of trees adjacent to one another would be far from the truth. Indeed, the opposite is true. The tall old spruce trees grow a reasonable distance apart, whilst mighty fallen trunks, thriving bushes and brushwood create impenetrable barriers." (Karel Klostermann: Crty ze Sumavy)

The authors concern is to contribute to the understanding of the uniqueness of the widespread spruce forests of the Bohemian Forest and to illustrate the importance of the wild heart of Europe in the conditions of a dense populated continent. Through an ecological profound description and the conceptual clarity, the authors try to get rid of some "myths of the Bohemian Forest".

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