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Group of tourists on the peak of Mt Lusen (1373 m), June 2007 (Marius Mayer)Berichte aus dem Nationalpark

Heft 4/2008 englische Fassung

The regional economic impact of Bavarian Forest National Park

25 years have passed since the last study on the regional economic impact of the Bavarian Forest National Park. Much has changed in and around the park since then. Left to themselves, ecosystem dynamics have given the forest a different appearance, which, at the same time, has led to lively discussions about the concept of ecological integrity in the national park. With the park’s expansion in 1997 and the creation of Šumava National Park in 1992 the concept of national parks in the wild heart of Europe has gained new significance. In addition, the park has created many new interpretive services, including the Haus zur Wildnis (The house of wilderness), the Wilderness Camp Falkenstein and the wildlife park with its ice age cave as well as a high quality network of hiking and cycling trails.

Furthermore, the national park has become more involved in regional development, with activities such as the programme of national park partners, the tourism project “Tierisch wild" (terribly wild) and the eventful three-year journey of the famous glass ark.

This new study provides its readers with information about the regional economic impact of these changes. It also illustrates existing shortcomings; opportunities created by the existence of the national park, which the region is currently not taking advantage of.

I am convinced that the results of this research will awaken people’s interest.

We ask the region’s stakeholders to draw appropriate conclusions from the findings and to use them to act collectively to the benefit of the region.

Grafenau, June 2008

Karl Friedrich Sinner
Leiter der Nationalparkverwaltung Bayerischer Wald

Herausgeber: Nationalparkverwaltung Bayerischer Wald
Schriftleitung H. Rall
Verantwortlich: Karl-Friedrich Sinner, Leiter der Nationalparkverwaltung Bayerischer Wald
Ausgabe: July 2008 | English version July 2010
Redaktion: R. Pöhlmann, H. Rall, J. Wanninger
Übersetzung: Morwenna Parkyn
Lektorat: Marius Mayer, Dr. Martin Müller, Manuel Woltering
Gestaltung A. Schmeller
Umfang: 23 Seiten
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