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Arberlandhalle © ALH
Meeting room
Meeting room © ALH



The 5th European Ranger Congress is taking place in the “Arberlandhalle”, situated in the municipality of Bayerisch Eisenstein.


94252 Bayerisch Eisenstein,

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Travel directions


Public Transport

(you will find recent tavel information on this website from March, 15)

From Prague Airport

You can check on timetables and tickets on

  • Take the Airport Express Bus to Prague main station (Praha Hlavní Nádraží) then,
  • take the Express Train to Klatovy then,
  • take the Regional Train to Bayerisch Eisenstein.

From Munich Airport

You can check on timetables and tickets on

  • At the airport take the Regional-Express to Landshut (Direction: Regensburg Hbf) then,
  • take the Regional-Express to Plattling (Direction: Passau Hbf) then,
  • take the Waldbahn - Die Länderbahn GmbH DLB Direction: Bayerisch Eisenstein.

Trains are running hourly, so don’t worry in case you might miss a train.
If you are travelling in a group, purchase a Bayern Ticket this is the cheapest option.


Should you decide to travel by car, why not take other colleagues with you? If your travel costs are not paid by your employer or you are travelling at your own expenses, you are entitled to a partial refund of your petrol expenses. You will need to travel in a car with at least 4 people. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


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