Bavarian Forest
National Park

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“Nature for all" in the Bavarian Forest National Park

 “Nature for all�? in the Bavarian Forest National Park (Photo: Alice Alteneder)


Contact points for information on accessible guided tours and hiking trails in the national park suitable for wheelchair users.

Falkenstein National Park Centre
Haus zur Wildnis
94227 Lindberg

Tel: +49 9922 50020
E-mail: hzw(at)

Lusen National Park Centre
Böhmstraße 35
94556 Neuschönau

Tel: +49 8558 96150
E-mail: heh(at)

Lusen National Park Centre
National Park Watch (Ranger Service) Neuschönau
Böhmstraße 39
94556 Neuschönau

Tel: +49 8558 972980
E-mail: npwacht(at)

Forest History Museum St. Oswald
Klosterallee 4
94568 St. Oswald

Tel: +49 8552 9748890
E-mail: wgm(at)
National Park – Guide Service

Tel: +49 800 077 66 50
E-mail: npservice(at)