Bavarian Forest
National Park

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Visiting the national park

hospitality  (Photo: NPV)

We are delighted that you are visiting the forest wilderness of the Bavarian Forest around the Lusen, Rachel and Falkenstein mountains; it’s a forest in which nature decides how it develops and in which the fascinating interplay between animals and plants runs its own course. As in ancient forests, life and death are inseparably linked; one brings about the other.

As Germany’s oldest national park, nature has flourished here for more than 40 years pretty much undisturbed by human interventions. Forests, meadows, rocks and mires form a unique and captivating natural landscape. You can experience this fascinating and unparalleled forest nature in all its diversity with us.

We extend a warm invitation, to get to know the Bavarian Forest National Park in all its beauty and character, and with its wonderful facilities that provide the visitor with a great experience. Where else can you find such a fascinating boundless forest wilderness?

Whether you are visiting in summer or winter there are many things to do during your stay, hiking, cross-country skiing, visiting the animal enclosure or the national park visitor centres and other visitor attractions. The national park and its many services offer a comprehensive programme enabling optimal planning, whatever the weather.

Are you planning your holiday in our region and looking for tips on accommodation, recommendations for where you can eat and drink and enjoy the culinary specialities of the area, or seeking advice on where you can find more detailed information for your stay in the national park and the wider region?

Under the menu item “Holidays" we have compiled the most important information for you.