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Paths through nature and time

The "Blaue Säulen" (Photo: Alice Alteneder)

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The paths through nature and time will were officially opened on Sunday, 12.05.2013 at 13:00 at the Open Air Museum in Finsterau.

On the paths through nature and time discover – either on foot or by bike – the varied history and impressive landscape of the Bohemian Forest.

Between Finsterau, Borová Lada (Ferchenhaid) and Kvilda (Außergefild) the most varied aspects of the past, present and future are explained along six circular hiking trails and two bicycle tours. Different animal pictograms point the way and show you their homes.

Map of the paths through nature and time:Interner Link zur Übrsichtskarte der Wege durch Natur und ZeitBackground to the project

The „Forest history hiking area – Experience nature and history“ was developed as the first transboundary project of the Bavarian Forest and Šumava National Parks, in partnership with the Forest Enterprise of Neureichenau and the Parish of Mauth. With the entry of the Czech Republic to the Schengen area in 2008 new opportunities for border crossings were established. This was the impulse to overhaul the routes of the hiking trails as well as the information provided.

The “Forest history hiking area – Experience nature and history" now operates under the title “Paths through nature and time" - Wege durch Natur und Zeit (in German) or Stezky p?írodou a ?asem (in Czech). As part of the project six new circular hiking trails (two transboundary) and two bicycle tours were designed on the basis of the principles of nature and culture interpretation as well as of education for sustainable development.

How do you get there?

In summer all the paths can be reached conveniently by regular bus services: Igel buses on the German side and Green buses on the Czech side.

In Winter the Winter Igel Bus is available so that you can discover the landscape either with snow shoes or on skis.

A partnership project of:

Nationalpark Sumava Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald
Bayerische Staatsforsten Gemeinde Mauth

This project is supported by:

EU Ziel 3 Bayern-TschechienEuropäische Union.
Europäischer Fond für regionale Entwicklung: Investition in Ihre Zukunft