Bavarian Forest
National Park

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How to get here and local transport

Forest Railway Station (Photo: Alice Alteneder)

The journey to the region will give you a small taste of one of the biggest continuous forested landscapes in Germany.

The region on the Bavarian-Czech border at altitudes between 340 and 1453m offers a unique natural and recreational landscape. This is why the first national park on German soil was established here.

Whether you are coming here for a holiday in the primeval forest, for a day trip, for a summit lovers’ hiking tour or for a journey into the fairy tale landscape of the forest in winter, rest assured that you can leave your car at home. Many of the visitor attractions can be reached by bus and by train throughout almost the whole year. So that you can find your way round without prior local knowledge, we have prepared a number of holiday and leisure recommendations that are accessible by bus and by train. On many occasions you will even have a greater choice in planning your activities. When hiking, for example, you won’t have to return to the place you started from.

Developing ecologically and socially sustainable holidays is one of our aims. It is no surprise then that the region of the Bavarian Forest National and Nature Parks has been an active supporter of project “Destination Nature" (Fahrtziel Natur), which is run by German Railways. Holiday products in 18 large protected areas are presented on this platform for environmentally responsible and sustainable travel.