Bavarian Forest
National Park

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Protection of historic monuments

The Schachtenhaus (Photo: Maria Hußlein)

In the national park there are individual buildings and groups of buildings that have been deemed worthy of protection by the Bavarian Office for the Preservation of Monuments and whose inclusion on the monument protection list is being considered. Inclusion on the list of monuments has already been announced for the Schachtenhaus and the whole ensemble of buildings at the Racheldiensthütte.

At the Schachtenhaus the most urgent measures to safeguard the fabric of the building were undertaken in autumn 2010. A defective rain guttering on the slope side led to damp in the walls. In addition to the guttering the foundations were made watertight by packing with puddle clay and an open drain added, in order to protect the outer walls permanently against further water penetration. In 2011 the roof had to be replaced following storm damage. During the first changes in the interior, flooring and panelling that had been previously added, were removed and defective wooden parts renewed, in order to prevent the development of dry rot.

The condition of the ensemble of buildings around the Racheldiensthütte was examined and evaluated by an architect in 2010. The proposal for its renovation is to be made a reality in 2012.